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If you, your family or friends decide to be our guest and taste the numerous varieties of delectable pizza and sandwiches you will delightedly come to some interesting conclusions. You will discover, for example, that it is not necessary to bear the cumbersome chore of travel to enjoy the most delicious Italian dish, pizza.

You will see why hearty eating can be an enjoyable experience and make the occasion a memorable one. You will realize too that you owe it to yourself to have a bounty treat in a cozy and friendly surroundings. There is nothing like a good food to put you in a good mood.

Pizza Pishkhan is a familiar and renowned name in Tehran for all those who are hard to please and for us who do our utmost to keep the reputation we have earned during the past decades. Over the years, we have adopted to adapt ourselves in making pizza with a touch of Iranian accent and the outcome is a huge success . numerous varieties of pizzas are richly covered with excellent fresh ingredients to match the delicious blends of meat, bacon, chicken, sausages, mushrooms, assortment of vegetables, … topped up with a generous portion of heavenly cheese, garnished with peppers, onions, olives, aromatic spices and last but not least the special flair of Pishkhan to make them unique and unrivaled in taste, in a pleasant social environment enlivened with melodious music to enrich the charming elegance of the oculent interior décor.

Particularly impressive is our cuisine which is an epitome of modern design to surpass the most stringent encompassing hygienic standards and vividly exhibit the vast menu of sandwiches and the whiff of over 20 different epicurean and appetizing pizzas sizzling in stainless steel ovens whose cleanliness and shining surfaces reflect your image.